Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Classroom Reveal

    It didn't take very long to get my classroom ready for the school year as I am sure it will change the more I get to know my students. This year I currently only have four students on my caseload. My room is definitely not overly decorated.  I plan on saving wall space for posting student work.  I also can't have too many distractions with my students so my room is pretty simple.

This is our good behavior board. As students earn dollars they add them to their envelopes and then during reward time can spend them on a prize. There is also a free choice if they decide they want to save their dollars for a bigger prize.

This is our morning meeting board. My favorite thing about this board is that I made it interactive.  The word of the day pieces use velcro so that I can scramble the letters and have my students rearrange them to spell the correct word.  The coins in the treasure chest are also on with velcro so I can change the amount.  I use the pails under days in school to add popsicle sticks each day and count by tens and ones.

This is the cool down area for anytime a student needs an emotional break from an activity or group time.  They just have a sit at the desk and their are cards that tell them what they can do to calm down.

This is my lesson plan bookshelf.  On the top I sit my lesson plans for each student.  Each shelf holds the work that I want each student to try to accomplish that day.  My assistant or I pull the activities based on when it works best for the child to learn. I don't really stick to a set reading or math time because my students moods for working on certain things at certain times varies so much.  

This just shows how I have a table surrounded by bookshelves.  Each shelf holds bins of books based on subject.  None of my students can read these books but they enjoy looking through them during independent reading time.

I just realized how blurry this picture is, however this just shows my back corner.  This is the area where all my teacher resources are kept. There is also a round table to bring a student to and work one on one.  If there is another student working in the front of the room with the assistant, I have a blue divider I can use to block our view from them so no one is distracted.

Just another view of the room.  This shows student desks, although they usually only sit at them during morning work. 

This is a visual schedule for one student. I use these so students know how many works they need to do until reward time. It is also helpful so that don't continually question things like when is lunch or recess. I will post more on this later.


  1. Nice set up! At first I thought you were a resource teacher, but it looks more like self-contained.I'd love to hear more. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have nominated you for A Lovely Blog Award. I hope you will accept the nomination!