Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday


Today I'm linking up with Wordless Wednesday to show what I've been up to outside of school lately!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thematic Thursday - Pumpkins

I'm loving all of the fun themes for the month of October! This week I have been working a lot with pumpkins.  I still need to get tomorrow's activities ready so this will be a quick post.

Bottle Cap Area- My third grade is beginning to talk about area and perimeter in his regular class so we did a bottle cap pumpkin this week.  We talked about area being the amount inside of a shape and counted how many bottle caps we could fit inside.  I have different size pumpkins for us to use as well so we will discuss the concept of larger and small and determine which sizes have more surface space. 

Make a word- I have all of the letters of the alphabet in pumpkin die cuts which are fun to use to have students make more words out of October words.  Since we are focusing on pumpkins this week, we tried seeing how many words we could make with "pumpkin." 

Pumpkin Addition/Subtraction- I bought cupcake toppers and this craft pumpkin at Dollar Tree but a cheap $2 math center.  I will give my student a math problem and have them use the spiders and the pumpkin to solve the problem. This was great for motor skills too because it wasn't too easy for them to push the spider in.

Pumpkin Pals-  This has been a week long project of painting pumpkins and writing about them.  We are writing a pumpkin pal story about the life of their pumpkin.  We are also working on question words and doing interviews with their pumpkins.

I've done a lot more with pumpkins this week but just haven't remembered to take pictures.  Next week I will be finishing up pumpkins and then moving to spiders!