Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to Work Looks

    Who says teachers can't look amazing at work? I think that we should always try to look our best as teachers and role models.  I know some days it can be hard to want to get up early and put on makeup though. That is why I have started to create looks that you can put on in just a few minutes. The look I did today uses just one eye palette from Mary Kay called "On the Horizon."  So if you just want the eye look, you can get it for just ten dollars!  The picture below shows step by step what I did to get the look.  It is simple enough for anyone to be able to do it.  My biggest tip is that when you use more than one eye color, make sure to blend with a brush.  You don't want to be able to see a line where one color ends and the other begins, it should all blend together.

I used all Mary Kay products for this look.  Here is the list in order of application.You can click each one to be taken to my Mary Kay website to learn more about them.

1. Foundation Primer with spf 15
2. Facial Highlighting Tool- I use this underneath my eyes to brighten them
3. Beige 1 Creme to Powder Foundation
4. On the Horizon Baked Eye Trio
5. Black Gel Eyeliner
6. Black Lash Love Lengthening Mascara
7. Ivory 2 Concealer
8. Ivory 2 Mineral Foundation
9. Mineral Foundation Brush
10. Cranberry Cream Eyeshadow
11. Au Naturel Nourishine Lipgloss

The final look!

Want to get this look?  Shop my Mary Kay Website and get free shipping plus two free samples with any order!  

Next time I post a back to work look I will have to include a teacher outfit.  I love shopping for fall teaching clothes.  Maybe we can even make a bloghop out of it?

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