Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lately & Sunday Scoop 4.19.15

     I have had a lot of fun lately, with spring break and going to the Bahamas.  I'm very happy to say the hardest part of this school year for me is behind me.  I've got most of my IEP meetings done for the year and I finally feel like I have a good handle on my new job.  I have grown a lot over the course of the school year as an EC teacher and it is nice to know feel like I know what I am doing.   I'm especially happy that now all my students current IEP's are ones that I have written so I know exactly what I need to be working on.  
      On a non school related note, I had an amazing spring break in the Bahama's.  I took a cruise with some girls from work and it was one of the best vacations I have been on.  The food was wonderful and the whole trip itself was so relaxing.   I loved having everything all in one place. 

On the water taxi in Nassau
 At Atlantis

Our view as we left the port of Nassau
I also wanted to share my Walmart clearance finds.  I went on a Wednesday night a week ago to Walmart to find my niece and birthday present and ended up with a cart full of toys and prize box items.  I have birthdays and Christmas for my niece and nephew done!  I'm not sure what day clearance items are put out but going mid week was definitely a positive for me.
$297 retail value for only $88!  Lots of toys were more than 75% off.
I also wanted to link up with Sunday Scoop.  Nothing too exciting is going on this week but I sure hope it stops raining so we will have a nice field day at the end of the week.
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