Monday, June 30, 2014

The Carolina Girl

    Thank you for following my new blog!  I'm Jamie from Sixth Grade Tales and I'm very excited about my new adventure.  I will no longer be teaching sixth grade so I decided to create a more generic style blog.  My job for the upcoming school year will be teaching behavior support at the elementary level.  What this means is that I will work to develop and manage behavior plans for students with behaviorally/emotional disorders.  I will spend a lot of time working with regular classroom teachers to help these students be successful in an inclusive setting.
    With this new blog, I am also planning on including a lot more other than just teaching topics.  Let me go ahead and get it out there, Tales of a Carolina girl does NOT refer to UNC-Chapel Hill.  I am definitely not that kind of a Carolina girl.  I am a Wolfpack graduate, so you can better refer to me as the North Carolina State girl. All joking aside, I greatly enjoy living in North Carolina.  I was born and raised here and live in the country with my family.  I'm sure many of my posts during the summer will be about the activities I'm doing with my niece and nephew.
   If you didn't follow my previous blog, please comment and introduce yourself. If you were a past follower, then thank you for hoping over to my new blog.  I am really looking forward to what is in store for me in the near future!