Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday- A chat with my professor

     Yesterday I visited the college where I got my masters degree from. A past professor of mine had sent me some articles to look over and read for my new job as a behavior support teacher. Just being on campus was super exciting to me. I loved everything about being a Wolfpack student! My masters degree experience was so much better for me than my undergraduate years. My main concern with preparing for my new classroom is getting my management system in place. Dr. Cullinan, my professor, talked to me about all kinds of options. We discussed a token economy, the good behavior game, check in/check out, homenotes and types of reinforcement. My major takeaway from our conversation is that I can approach different behaviors in similar ways. For example, if I have a student who has a behavior goal to stay on task I can reward him for every 10 minutes he stays on task. For a student who has a behavior goal to refrain from cursing I would reward him for every 10 minutes he didn't curse. I learned a lot about behavior recording during my masters degree program so I am looking forward to putting it into practice. For anyone who would like to learn about behavior modification through recording, here is a great pdf file that explains how to do it.

I'm going to post again soon with the main behavior system I plan on using. For now, I am linking back to an old post about what behavior system worked great for me when I taught sixth grade. This shows how I used Class Dojo to give student feedback on their behavior.


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  1. I've been hearing about Class Dojo repeatedly but hadn't really heard it explained. I MUST look into it this summer; the description of your sixth grade class sounds EXACTLY like mine this past year. Since I'm going to have them in seventh grade for English, I've been thinking about what I could do to help them remain on task and be less chatty. Class Dojo sounds perfect, and since I just upgraded to a smartphone... This is the exact reason I LOVE TBT posts so much. I missed your post the first time. THANKS SO MUCH for linking up this week!


  2. I was unfamiliar with the term class dojo before reading your post. It sounds interesting and I am going to do a little more research to learn more about it. Teaching Science With Lynda