Thursday, July 10, 2014

iPad apps for the classroom

   At my new school I will have a mini iPad and a regular iPad for my students to use.  At my previous school we had to check out an iPad cart and it was rare that it was available, so I'm looking forward to have iPads of my own to use. Most of the time I won't have but a few students in my classroom at a time so 2 iPads could go a long way if I find the right apps to use.
    Here are some free/cheap apps I have found that I hope to use next year.  If you have used any of them personally please let me know what you thought of them.

1) iReward- ($2.99) The image pretty much says it all but this app is for tracking behavior and letting students see a visual of what reward they are working towards.  I like this because you have so many options to customize such a recording a voice for praise, taking a picture to show what the reward looks like, changing the apps color backgrounds, etc.

2) The Grouchies (Free) This app is a story that teaches children how to handle begin in a bad mood. It has cute cartoons and rhymes which will help keep student attention.  I would use this app when teaching social skills

3) Sock Puppets (Free) This app allows you to record your voice and have the sock puppets lip sync what you are saying.  You can make video using your own words and backgrounds.  This would be great to practice speech development with students.  It also would be great for story telling.

4) Learning Money with Leo (Free) This is a game for learning to count money.  It has multiple ways of learning such as mazes, sorting, games, coloring, etc.

5) Geoboard (Free) Use virtual rubberbands and a geoboard to form shapes. I love this especially for special education because I can just imagine my students shooting rubberbands.

6) Spelling City (Free) -  This app has many different games that can be used to reinforce spelling and vocabulary words.  I've used this website before with my sixth graders so I'm excited to try the iPad version.

I know there are TONS of apps out there for the classroom.  What are some of your favorites?

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