Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day Five for Friday!

Happy Independence Day to all my blogger friends in America.  I hope everyone is having a fun and relaxing day celebrating our freedom!

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So far this past week was the least busiest week I've had yet this Summer.  I enjoyed a lot of time playing with my dog, Jack.  He is so happy to have me around more lately. 


Wednesday night I went to dinner at a fabulous place in Greensboro called Europa. I ordered the steak and frites which was only $15.95 and literally one of the best steaks I've had in a long time!  I need to figure out what kind of sauce they put on top of the steak! 

Last Sunday I went down the Uwharrie River with some friends.  It was supposed to be just a 3 to 4 hour trip but because the water was so shallow it turned into a 6 hour trip! It was still fun to be on the river.  We didn't see but one other person on a canoe the whole trip, so it was very peaceful. 

Yesterday several teachers from the middle school I taught at went out to dinner for a teacher's birthday.  It was really nice getting to see everyone out. I hope the school I work at next year will be a fun group to work with.


I have a lot of books that a professor suggested I read to prepare for my new job as a behavior support teacher.  I enjoy reading books for professional development so I hope I can find these books and some other good ones to read soon.  I'm amazed at how expensive some of these books can be though!  What are other people reading for professional development this summer?

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  1. Lazy days and weeks are what the summer is all about - enjoy them!
    Growing Little Learners